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Kelud Volcano from Tower with Balsa Trees View

Gunung Kelud is the great phenomenon, located in Ngancar, Kediri, East Java. Local histories said

that Kelud Volcano came from history of Kilisuci Princess and two king (King Lembu Sora and King Mahesa Suro)  that would like to marry with her. Unfortunately Kilisuci did not love with both of them, because their head were buffallo. They were not man usually.

Lembu Sora

So the Princess have an idea to make a contest. If one of them could win the contest so he could be married with Kilisuci Princess. The contest is make two deep well at top of Kelud volcano. One of the well must be salty and another must be very fragrant. The princess give a time for them to finished the contest till by morning.

Unfortunately King Lembu Sora and Mahesa Suro succes built two well with salty and fragnant, but Princess still did not believed that the well was salty and fragnant. She asked them to proved about that with jump down into well. Two King were agreed and they jump down. In the well, Princess ask to Jenggolo soldier to pill up them with stone until they dead in very deep well. 

Before the two King dead, they imprecate that Kediri people will get big disaster. Kediri will to be river, Blitar to be land, and Tulung agung will to be big lake. Untill now local people at Kediri held a ceremony in Kelud volcano regarding wish to The God for them safety. This ceremony called with Larung Sesaji.

You could look the beautiful of Kelud volcano from a high Tower at Gambar Plantation. Balsa wood forest and coffe plantation were very beautiful sight from this tower. There are a gazebo here at top of land that your eyes could see Kelud Volcano. 


 balsa trees from tower sight


 Tower pass with gazebo

Picture from Traveller 2009